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背单词不仅是要将你学到的单词和它的意思背下来,也需要将这个单词另外的意思和用法也记一记,这样才是完整而正确的单词背记方法。这里老师将初中阶段的一些有多种寄义的单词分类整理好,大家有空可以记一记。A1.accident:事故(n.) I saw an accident when I walked in the street.意外、偶然的事(n.) (accidentally)2.appear:泛起 (vi) A ship appeared on the horizon. (disappear消失)好象, 似乎(vi) She appears to have many friends.3.apply:申请(for)(vi) Mr.Wang decided to apply for the job.运用、应用 (to)(vt.) Our teacher applies this teaching method to his class.4.arm手臂 (n.) 武装 (v)Lay down your arms or we'll fire!放下武器,否则,我们就开枪了!Police say the man is armed with guns and very dangerous. 警员说该男子携有枪,十分危险。

5.area:地域(n.) Do you like the area where you are living?面积(n.) The city covers an area of 30,000 square kilometer.6.ask(熟义:问)vt.要求The teacher asked that all the students stay at the classroom. 老师要求所有学生呆在课堂7.attend(熟义:出席) vt.到场;vi.看护,治疗Mr.Park attended a summer course.帕克先生到场一个暑期课程。If you go out,who'll attend to the baby?如果你走了,谁来照看婴儿?B1.break:打破、打碎(vt.) The boy broke the windows of the house.休息 (n.) We have been working all the morning,let`s have a break.2.bill:帐单(n.) Have you paid the bill?钞票(n.) a ten-dollar bill3. book(熟义:书) v. 预定,预购I would like to book three seats for tonight’s concert. 我想预定今晚音乐会的三个座位。4.beat(熟义:击打) v. (心脏) 跳动He is alive---his heart is still beating. 他还在世---心脏还在跳动。打败 He beat me at chess. 他下棋赢了我。

C1.can(熟义:能) n.罐头vt.做成罐头2.capital(熟义:首都) n. 大写字母;资本Write your name in block capitals, please. 姓名请用大写。3.change(熟义:变化) n. 零钱,找头Have you got change for a five-pound note? 你有没有5英镑的零钱?4.charge:卖力(n.) The young man is in charge of the company.充电(vt.) My cellphone is fully charged.收取(用度)(vt.) How much do you charge me for mending shoes?指控(vt.) He was charged with murder.5.cost(熟义:花费;值……)vt.使失去(生命、康健等)Careless driving cost his life. 粗心的驾驶使他支付生命的价格。6.course(熟义:历程) n. 课程;航线;一道菜I’d like to take a refresher course to improve my driving. 我想到场补习训练以提高自己的驾驶技术。The plane was off the course.飞机偏离航向。

They were treated with a five-course dinner for lunch. 招待他们五道菜的正餐。7.court:法庭、宫廷(n.)庭院,球场(n.)8.concerned:(adj.)担忧的、忧虑的 be concerned about :We are all concerned about her safety.与……有关 be concerned with: Her lastest film is concerned with wild life9.comfort:(使)舒适(服)(vt.) Cool water can comfort you in summer.慰藉(vt.) The mother was comforting the crying boy.慰藉(n.) It is a comfort to know that she is safe.10.company公司(n.) He worked in the company last year.友伴、陪同(n.) keep sb company I will stay here and keep you company.11.cause:造成、引起、发生(vt.) Smoking can cause lung cancer.原因(n.) What`s the cause of the big fire?12.close:关 (vt.) Close the door when you leave the room.靠近的(adj.)The church is close to our school.亲密的、亲近的(adj.)a close friend位置靠近地(adv.) The girl felt very cold,so she stood close to her mother.13.cover:笼罩、掩护(vt.) She covered the table with a cloth.盖子、封面(n.) Please pass me the book with a red cover.14.check:核查(vt.) Let me check your answer.支票(n.)I will ask the boss for the check.15.count[熟义:数(数目)] vi.重要;vt.认为Every minute counts.每分每秒都重要。D1.date(熟义:日期;枣子) v. 追溯 ;约会The ancient temple has a long history and can date back to the year 1890AD.They have been dating for a long time. 他们一直频频约会2.dear(熟义:亲爱的) 昂贵的Clothes are getting dearer.衣服越来越贵了3.desert(熟义:沙漠) vt.脱离,扬弃We sheltered from the storm in a deserted garage. 我们在一间空无人住的茅屋里躲狂风雨。

4.develop:生长(vt.)冲洗(vt.)(相片)养成(vt.)(习惯)5.deliver(vt.):递送(vt.) The postman delivered the letter to my door.讲话、陈述、揭晓(vt.) She delivered a talk on history to the students.6.drive:驾驶(vt.) I drove a car to visit my parents.驱使、驱赶(vt.) The boy was driven out of the club.E1.earth(熟义:地球) n. 土壤He covered the roots of the plant with earth. 他用土壤把植物的根埋起来。2.easy(熟义:容易的)adj.舒适的,循分的,轻松的Now we are leading an easy life.现在我们过着舒适的生活。

3.energy(熟义:能量,能源) n. 精神,活力His work seemed to lack energy. 他事情似乎缺乏劲头。4.enjoy(熟义:喜欢) v. 享有Men and women should enjoy equal rights. 男女应当享有平等权利。

5.expect(熟义:期望,盼愿)v.预计,预计The weather turns out far better than we expected.天气比我们预料的要好。F1.fall(熟义:v. 掉落) n. 秋天;瀑布His father passed away in the fall of 1970. 他父亲在1970年的秋季过世。

The falls upstream are full of salmons. 该瀑布上游有许多大马哈鱼。2.fan(熟义:n. 扇子) n. 迷 .狂热者The Chinese football fans are in great excitement. 中国足球粉丝很激动。3.fine(熟义:adj.好的,晴朗的)v.&n.罚款He was fined $200.他被罚了200美元。4.fair:公正的 (adj.) It is fair to do the bargain.展览会、集市(n.) a world fair 世界展览会5.firm(熟义:n. 公司) adj. 坚定的,牢靠的You must be firm where you think you are right. 你认为对的地方态度一定要坚定。

6.fire(熟义:n. 火) v. 开除He was fired for stealing from the counter. 他因从柜台偷钱而遭开除。7.flat(熟义:n. 公寓,套房) adj. 平躺的, 平伸的, 扁平的The earthquake laid the city flat. 地震把这座都会夷为平地。

8.free(熟义:adj. 自由的,有空的) adj & v. 没有,免交;远离Most of the roads are free of snow.门路上的雪大部门都已化了。9.find:找到、 发现 I can find my key everywhere.感受、以为 I find it easy to learn English.10.fix:牢固、安装(vt.) Fix a shelf to the wall.修理(vt.) My watch has stopped—it needs fixing.确定(vt.) The time for our meeting has been fixed already.注视(vt.) Her eyes were fixed on the nice dress.11.fit:合适的(adj.) The food is not fit for babies.康健的(adj.) Do some sports to keep fit.合适,合身(vt.) The shoes fit me well.12.figure:外型(n.)图形(n.)数字(n.)figure out 弄明确;盘算出. I can`t figure out why he quit his job.13.form:表格(n.) Please fill in the form.形式(n.) water in the form of ice形成(vt.) He forms a good habit.G1.gift:礼物(n.) I will buy a gift for my mother on Mothers` Day.天赋(n.) The girl has a gift for music.2.grade(熟义:n. 年级) n & v. 结果,评分品级; 给…评分She got excellent grades in her exams. 她考试结果优异。The term papers have been graded. 期末试卷已评完分数了。3.grow(熟义:v. 生长,发展,种植) v. (体积或数量)增加;变大You must invest if you want your business to grow. 要想使生意扩大,必须投资。

H1.head(熟义:头) v.动身去The ship was heading for Shanghai.这艘船开往上海。2.home( 熟义:家) adj.本国的The cars are made for the home market.这些小车生产出来在海内销售。3.hold:抓住(vt.) The girl was holding her father`s hand. Hold on please.举行(vt.) A meeting was held last week.容纳(vt.)I don`t think the car will hold you all.占据(vt.)She holds the post of manager.I1.iron(熟义:铁) n.&v.熨斗;用熨斗烫Mother is ironing my shirt with an electric iron.妈妈用电熨斗在给我熨衬衣。


2.interest:使感兴趣(vt.) What he said doesn`t interest me at all.兴趣 (n.) The little girl shows an interest in singing.利益 利息(n.)J1.jam(熟义:果酱n)vt./n.(使)塞满;(使)堵塞,逆境The accident jammed the main road for three hours.这次事故使交通堵塞达三小时之久。There are many traffic jams in Chongqing.重庆经常塞车。

2.just(熟义:adv. 正好;恰好) adj. 公正的;公正的That is a just decision. 那是公正的讯断。K1.key:钥匙(n.) I can`t find the key to the door.谜底(n.) a test with key 附谜底的测试题(打字机、钢琴等的) 键(n.)关键、要害(n.) Diet and exercise are the key to good health.2.kill(熟义:杀) vt.消磨They played cards to kill time.L1.land(熟义:土地) vi.着陆The plane at last landed safely because of the pilots’ bravery and intelligence.由于航行员的勇敢和智慧飞机宁静着陆。

2.last:最后、 最近(adv.) He came last in the race.最后的,末尾的(adj.)She is the last one to come to the classroom.连续(vi) How long do you think this fine weather will last?3.learn(熟义:学习) v.听到,获悉I learned of that yesterday.我昨天才得知此事。4.lesson(熟义:课)n.教训(不悦的履历)Pear Harbor was a painful lesson for the US.珍珠港事件对美国来说是一次痛苦的教训。5.letter(熟义:信件)n.字母Fill in your answers in capital letters, not small letters. 谜底用大写字母填写,不要用小写字母。6.leave:脱离(vi) He left Beijing for Shanghai.留下(vt.) Some one left this note for you.把……忘记(vt.) I left my key at the office.使、让(vt.) Don`t leave her waiting outside in the rain.假,假期。

She asked for leave when her mother was ill.7.long(熟义:adj. 长) v. 盼望The children are longing for the holidays. 孩子们盼愿放假。8.lift:举起(vt.) He can lift the heavy stone.电梯(n.) It`s on the sixth floor---Let`s take the lift.搭便车(n.) I will give you a lift to the station.M1.make(熟义:v. 制造;使) v. 演酿成(某事物),效果是If you train hard, you will make a good footballer. 你要受苦训练就能成为优秀的足球运发动。

2.manner(熟义:n. 方式,方法) manners 礼貌Aren’t you forgetting your manners? 你是不是没礼貌了?3.mean(熟义:v. 意味着;计划) adj. 吝啬的;鄙俚的He is so mean and selfish that it is very difficult to make friends with him.4.meet:遇见、遇到(vt.) He met an old friend yesterday.满足In order to meet the needs of the readers we will reprint the bestseller.(在车站、机场) 接(人)I will meet you at the airport.5.match:角逐(n.) There will be a basketball match on Saturday.洋火(n.) He stroke a match to light up the room.与….相配 The hat matches her dress very well.6.mine(熟义:pron. 我的)n & v. 采矿, 矿When a gold mine was discovered in California,there was a gold rush.在California发现金矿后,人们都去掏金了。7.miss(熟义:v. 想念) v. 错过,未击中,未瞥见He shot at the bird but missed. 他打鸟未打中。

He missed the point of my joke. 他没有听懂我讲的笑话。N1.narrow(熟义:adj. 狭窄的) adj. 委曲的,险些未成的He narrowly escaped drowning. 他差点儿淹死2.nature:自然 (n.) You can get close to nature during holiday.本质 (n.) It`s his nature to be kind to people.3.notice(熟义:v & n. 注意) n. 布告;通知He received two month’s notice to leave the job. 他收到两个月后开除的通知。O1.once(熟义:adv. 曾经,一度) conj. 一旦Once you understand this rule, you will have no further difficulty. 一旦明确了这条规则,就再也没有难题了。

2.operate(熟义:v. 动手术) v. 操作,利用;治理 ,谋划He operates the lift. 他是开电梯的。They operate three factories and a huge warehouse. 他们管着三家工厂和一个大堆栈。

3.order(熟义:n & v. 下令) n.序次;秩序/点菜 n & v.订购Some teachers find it difficult to keep order in their classes. 有些老师以为课堂秩序很难维持。We ordered two glasses of milk and some bread.P1.park(熟义:n. 公园) v. 停车;(暂时)留下(某人),寄存(某物)Your car is very badly parked. 你的汽车停放得欠好。Park yourself in that chair while I make you a cup of tea. 你坐在那张椅子上,我给你沏茶去。2.passage(熟义:n. 段落,节) n. 通道,走廊;盘缠They forced a passage through the crowd. 他们在人群中挤出一条路。

3.plant(熟义:n&v. 植物;种植) n. 工厂How much steel can be made in the steel plant? 这钢铁厂能产钢几多?4.position(熟义:n. 位置) n. 职位,事情;态度,看法He applied for the position of assistant manager. 他申请副司理一职。5.pretty(熟义:adj. 漂亮的,可爱的) adv. 相当She seemed pretty satisfied with the result. 她对那效果似乎相当满足。6.promise(熟义:v. 允许;信誉) v. 有希望It promises to be warm this afternoon. 今天下午可望转暖。

There’s plenty of room for improvement in your work. 你的事情另有许多革新的余地。7.perform:演出(vt.) They are performing the play The Merchant of Venice.体现(vi) He performed well in the contest.8.present:礼物 (n.) He sent me a present for my birthday.在场的、出席的(adj.)There were 200 people present at the meeting.现在,当前(n.)I am afraid I can`t help you at present----I am too busy提出、先容(vt.) He presented his report to the manager when he finished it9.power:气力 (n.) It`s beyond my power to do this.动力(n.) wind power权利(n.)10.place:地方(n.) Qingdao is a good place to live in.放置(vt.) When he came in,he placed his bag on the table.11.point:指(出)(vi.) The clock hands pointed to twelve.点(n.) Two point six 2.6要点、论点(n.) Let`s stop discussing the useless problem and come to the point.R1.race:竞赛(n.) a horse-race种族(n.) people of mixed race2.raise:提高、举起(vt.) Raise your voice to make yourself heard.饲养;抚育(vt.) My mother raised pigs at the countryside.筹集;集资(vt.) The man raised money to build a primary school..3.room(熟义:n. 房间 )n. 空间There is no room for so many people.4.rough:粗拙的(adj.)Touch the ball and tell me whether it is rough or smooth.艰辛的(adj.)Life is rough.5.run(熟义:v. 跑,行驶 )v. 谋划,治理;He has no idea of how to run a successful business. 他不知道把企业办妥的方法。6.regular:规则的(adj.)The man does regular exercise to keep fit.定期的、定时的(adj.)He goes to work by regular bus.照例的、经常的(adj.)Mary is a regular customer in the shop.7.realize:认识到(vt.) Only then did I realize I was wrong.实现(vt.) He realized his dream of being a doctor.S1.save:拯救、救(vt.)He jumped into water and saved the drowning man.节约(vt.) Save water,please.储蓄(vt.) The girl saves some money for travel.2.serve:服务、服役(vt.) He served in the army during the war.供(某人)饭菜、上菜(vt.) Learn to serve at table.3.see(熟义:v. 瞥见 )v. 见证The year 2004 saw the improvement of human rights in China. 2004年见证了中国人权的进步。


4.sentence(熟义:n. 句子)v. 讯断,宣判He has been sentenced to pay a fine of 1000 pounds. 他被判罚款1000英镑。5.separate(熟义:v. 分散,离开)adj. 各自的,独立的,单独存在的We can’t work together any more; I think it’s time we went our separate ways.我们再也不能在一起事情了,我看得各奔工具了。6.settle(熟义:v. 定居,稳定,安宁 )v. 解决,处置惩罚It’s time you settled your dispute with him. 现在你该跟他把争端解决了。

7.service服务(n.) The food is good at the hotel,but the service is poor.公用事业的业务或事情状态(n.) a bus/train service8.since:自从……(以来)I have worked in the company since I graduated from college.既然 Since you like the car,why don`t you buy it?9.suggest(熟义:v. 建议,提议 ) v. 表示,讲明His cool response suggested that he didn’t like the idea. 他反映冷淡讲明他并不喜欢这个主意。10.stage:舞台(n.) be/go on the stage 登台演出阶段(n.) at an early stage in our history 在我们历史生长的早期11.spare:业余的(adj.) I collect stamps in my spare time.多余的(adj.)I have no spare money this month.拨出,匀出(vt.) Can you spare me some time?过剩,有余(vt.) spare no effort to do sth 尽心尽力做某事12.stand:站 (vi) She stood there for two hours.忍受(vt.) I can`t stand you.架(n.) a hat/coat stand摊(n.) a market stand13.still仍然、还(adv.) He is still a child,don`t scold him too much.静的,不动的(adj.)Please keep still while I take your photograph.14.sign:符号、招牌(n.) Can you see that traffic sign?it says “Slow down.”签名、签字(vt.) Sign your name here.15.study:学习,研究 (n.) The little boy is fond of study.学习,研究vt..) I am studying how to swim.16.should:应该 You should clean your classroom every day.竟然 I can`t believe that he should speak to his parents like that.17.spring:春天(n.) The weather is warm in spring.泉水(n.) a hot spring 温泉18.sense:感受 (n.) The blind have a keen sense of hearing.意识 (n.) comman sense19.some:一些 Give me some paper,please.某一 (在单数可数名词之前)Some Mr.Smith is waiting for you.20.support:支持(vt./n.) The chair can`t suport you two---you are too heavy.赡养(vt.) He has a big family to suport.21.strike (struck、struck)打、击、敲(vt.) The stone struck me on the head.袭击、攻击(vt.) A heavy storm struck the village.歇工(n.) a strike by bus drivers be/go on strike 举行歇工22.state:国家、州(n.) There are fifty states in America.状态 (n.) The old man is in a poor state of health.陈述、论述(vt.)He stated his view the medicine could be used in curing cancer.T1.tell(熟义:v. 告诉) v. 讲述,分辨,判断,确定Who can tell which is right and which is wrong. 谁能判断谁人对谁人错。

2.touch(熟义:v. 接触,碰;感动 )n. 联系Our head office can put you in touch with a branch in your area.我们总公司可摆设你与当地分公司取得联系。3.turn(熟义:v. 转变 )v. 到达或凌驾(某年事或时间) n. 依次,轮流She turned forty last june. 她在刚已往的六月满四十岁。

Whose turn is it to do the washing-up? 轮到谁刷锅洗碗了?4.train:训练(vt.) He was trained as a engineer.火车(一列)(n.) I went home by train last week.5.though:虽然 (连词)She came to help me,though she was very busy.可是 (副词)She promised to call,I heard nothing ,though.6.treat:看待(vt.) The woman treats the baby as her own child.治疗(vt.)She was treated for sunstroke.(中暑)W1.watch(熟义:v. 寓目 n. 手表 )v. 留心;注意We will have to watch the children in case they get too tired.我们得照看着孩子,别让他们太累了。2.when(熟义:conj. 当…时候)conj. 那时突然; 既然,思量到I was about to leave when it began to rain. 我正想要脱离,突然下起雨来。3.while(熟义:conj. 当… 时候 )conj. 然而;只管,虽然I drink black coffee while he prefers it with cream. 我爱喝清咖啡而他喜欢加奶油的。While I admit that there are problems, I don’t agree that they cannot be solved.只管我认可有问题存在,但我没说这些问题不能解决。

4.wonder(熟义:v. 想知道)v. 感应惊讶,赞叹We wondered at the speed with which it arrived. 我们赞叹其到达速度之快。5.word(熟义:n. 单词,话 )n. 消息(不行数名词)Word came that I was needed at home. 有信儿来说家里需要我。

6.would:表现已往未来时 He would attend the meeting if he had time.已往经常 The old woman would ordered a cup of tea every time she came to the resturant.愿意 I would like to invite you to my house this week.7.will将(一般未来时)I will stay at home if it rains .意志(品质)(n.) The old woman has a strong will.愿望(n.)against one`s will违反某人的意愿8.well好地(adv) He can play football very well.井(n.) The water in the well is very cool.。






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